What are the Advantages of The Jewelry Wax Injection Machine?

Dec. 08, 2023

What is the Jewelry Wax Injection Machine? What is it used for? People who are less exposed to this industry will feel strange. In general, jewelry is very familiar to everyone, and the wax injection machine is a kind of equipment used to help jewelry processing. There are many types of Jewelry Wax Injection Machine. Among them, the application of automatic wax injection machine is more common, and the performance characteristics and application efficiency are also equal to the highlight. However, what is the advantages of the Jewelry Wax Injection Machine?

1. The automatic wax injection machine insulation wax barrel, production technician position, and air pressure system are designed to be one, the compact structure occupies a small space, and the shape is beautiful;

2. The pneumatic system selects the PLC program to control the man-machine dialogue, reduces the contact, has high linearity, and uses simple change;

3. The pneumatic valve group adopts modularization, reduces the contact, eliminates the risk of air leakage, and is convenient for maintenance;

Jewelry Wax Injection Machine

4. The temperature control system is controlled by separate operation, which is flexible and easy to adjust;

5. All process processes are carried out automatically, without manual debugging, mold adjustment, wax injection, pressure holding, die-out, and core-pulling can only be achieved. Manually only need to take the wax mold after the mold is released;

6. According to the process temperature, wax injection time, pressure holding time, spray time, number of sprays, wax injection pressure, etc., can be set arbitrarily.

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