How to Maintain Gold Jewelry?

Dec. 08, 2023

As a Melting Furnaces Factory, we teach you how to maintain gold jewelry.

1. Gold can't be soft

When wearing gold jewelry, we need to reduce their contact with hard objects and take light and light to avoid pulling hard. Because of the low hardness of gold jewelry, it is difficult to achieve "soft gram" in the hard confrontation with other hard objects, and it also causes scratches on the surface decoration of jewelry.

2. Keep cosmetics away

Minimize contact between gold jewelry and cosmetics. In life, we should avoid our jewelry to be in contact with perfume, toilet water, and various cosmetics. Because of the contact with these cosmetics, the surface of the jewelry will be spotted or discolored due to corrosion. Although cosmetics can care for our skin, we can't maintain our jewelry. Therefore, everyone should pay special attention when wearing it.

3. Chemicals are the most dangerous

In addition to cosmetics, there is a chemical substance that is the enemy of gold jewelry, such as chemicals containing mercury, chlorine, and lead. Sometimes it is best to unload our gold jewelry while swimming and keep it safe to avoid loss. Don't wear gold jewelry to enter the pool, because most of the pools are chlorinated, and the chlorine reacts with gold jewelry to make it dim.

Gold Melting Furnace

4. Perm hair dye should pay attention to

We also need to take off the gold jewelry when dyeing hair and perming, because of the hair dye and other potions

Contains a lot of chemical damage to the gold, so that the surface of the gold jewelry is brown or black and white.

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