Do you know the polishing of jewelry?

Dec. 07, 2019

The surface of the jewelry is mostly smooth and bright, showing the special luster and texture of precious metals and gems, which is one of the charms factors of jewelry.

High-brightness jewelry is inseparable from polishing, and most of the mass-produced jewelry is polished after manual molding. In order to reduce labor cost and labor intensity, and improve production efficiency, more and more mechanical polishing equipment is first used to polish the jewelry, and even replace manual polishing and polishing equipment. Common mechanical polishing equipment include drum polishing machines, Magnetic Polisher , vibration polishing machine.

Magnetic Polisher

Magnetic Polisher

Jewelry polishing is done with a polishing machine. There are many types of polishing machines, such as single station, double station, multi-station and so on. Usually composed of motor, sealing cover and dust collection system. The motor shaft is provided with a reverse tapered thread, and the cloth wheel is mounted on the shaft, which is polished and frictionally locked. Different shapes of cloth rollers, adhesive tapes, fleece sticks and hairbrushes can meet the different requirements of jewelry surface quality.

Most jewelry with a shiny surface-except for special processes such as sanding and waxing, it is basically smooth and clean and requires polishing. Also. Polished jewelry will wear more or less after wearing for a period of time. No matter how hard the precious metal is, it leaves a feeling of aging: scratches. The longer the wear time, the longer the scratches. This is a common phenomenon for jewelry scratches. If you want to find a new feel that's as smooth as a new product, you have to re-polish it.

If you are fashionable and wealthy, you can invest in a Jewelry Ultrasonic Cleaners for your favorite jewelry. You can buy it in a professional jewelry store. In addition, the Internet is also a good source of purchase. This will save you time at the jewelry store. In addition to cleaning jewelry, ultrasonic cleaners can also clean glasses, watches, printer heads, and even metal carving tools that are difficult to clean. It is a good helper for cleaning small household items.

All kinds of jewelry should be stored properly and should not be placed in drawers or jewelry boxes. Because different stones have different hardness, rubbing against each other can damage lower hardness stones or metals.

Next, as a Jewelry Making Tools Supplier, introduce the precautions for jewelry maintenance

1. When wearing gold and silver jewelry, avoid contact with hard objects and pull hard. Due to the low hardness of gold and silver, it is easy to be scratched or broken when it comes in contact with hard objects, which will damage the decoration of the jewelry.

2. Wear jewelry in places with chemical pollution. At the same time, as little as possible contact with cosmetics such as perfume, oil, toilet water, etc., once contacted, it is easy to corrode the jewelry surface and spots or discoloration. Brush gently with a soft brush, rinse with water, then wipe with a soft cloth and dry.