What are the advantages of Jewelry 3D Printer?

Dec. 14, 2019

Share the advantages of Jewelry 3D Printer with you. With the acceleration of innovation, 3D printer solutions have a fast design cycle, a simple supply chain, and sustainable practices. Assist users to quickly respond to market changes, quickly make informed decisions, and reduce product delivery time from weeks to hours. 3D printing replaces the traditional manual to improve the efficiency, the pass rate, and the accuracy is also a level that is difficult to achieve by hand, especially the complex shapes have more advantages of 3D printing. 3D printing will not only help you keep up with the times, but it will also allow you to break limits.

What are the advantages of 3d printers? Jewelry Making Tools Supplier tells you:

What are the advantages of Jewelry 3D Printer?cid=3

DLP 3D Printer For Jewelry

The 1.3d printer has a safe printing environment and high reliability; the light source has a long service life, high stability, cold light molding, and easy operation! High precision and convenient post-processing! The workbench is large and there are no shape restrictions on the printed model.

2.3d printer support material is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, easy to remove, no manual operation is required, and the support material can be removed with water. It helps to finish the post-processing work quickly and easily and improves the design freedom of the hollow structure and the suspended structure.

3. It can effectively solve the production needs of 3D printers that respond quickly to the market, and help design, verify, and correct product errors, and improve process production solutions. It can also meet the application requirements of small batch production, easily respond to the customization of consumers' individual needs, reduce costs, and avoid risks.

4. At the artistic level, clear key points and unrestricted structural regulations take into account the design requirements of fashion design commodities, statues, plastic art collections, etc. It can be easily customized for individual needs, and efficient mold turning results can reduce material waste.

5. Chinese and English operation interface, integrated computer design, simple operation, one-click printing.

When printing, if your 3D printer platform has heating function, it is recommended to use frosted glass and heat the temperature to 70 degrees, which works well. If the distance between the nozzle and the platform is uneven, and sometimes it is small, then it is okay to use the minimum distance. It can be fixed on the nozzle and the platform because it is glass, it will not break, and it will not affect printing adhesion. If your DLP 3D Printer For Jewelry platform does not have heating function, it is recommended to use 190-degree varnish, spray on transparent glass, and use it after drying.

The third method is to paste textured paper on the platform, which can have a certain adhesion and effectively prevent warping of the 3D printed model.