Why is gold jewelry whitening?

Dec. 21, 2019

Soft and delicate gold jewelry was once Chinese favorite jewelry. Gold jewelry is a symbol of wealth and good fortune and has countless fans in China. It is the favorite jewelry of most people and is often worn by people. However, some people wear gold jewelry for a while and find that the gold jewelry starts to turn white.

In general, the phenomenon of platinum jewelry often appears in some beautiful female friends. Many men with gold jewelry do not have this problem. So, is there any connection between them? The reason why gold jewelry turns white is that gold jewelry comes into contact with mercury and reacts with mercury to form white objects. Therefore, most of the causes of whitening of gold jewelry are largely due to the contact between female friends' cosmetics and gold jewelry. Many female friends' cosmetics contain mercury, which has a whitening effect. When the skin touches the gold jewelry with the cosmetics, the gold jewelry chemically reacts with trace elements of mercury, which will turn white after long-term contact.

How to deal with the phenomenon of platinum jewelry? As a reminder, you can bake the white position of the gold jewelry with an alcohol lamp and wait for the gold jewelry to return to shine after the mercury has evaporated. You can also use our Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner Jewelry. You can also contact a professional jewelry store and go to a jewelry store to find a professional to deal with it. When wearing gold jewelry, avoid mercury-containing environment and reduce the contact between gold jewelry and cosmetics. Friends who like gold jewelry need not worry about the whitening of gold jewelry now.

Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner Jewelry

Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner Jewelry

As a Jewelry Making Tools Supplier, share with you the tips of maintaining the gold couple necklace

1. Gold couple necklaces have soft sunshine, and couples wearing gold couple necklaces give a sense of wealth and atmosphere. First, a couple of necklaces must be kept separately in jewelry boxes. Friends should also develop the habit of keeping their precious jewellery separate. Due to the poor hardness of gold, it is easy to bump, leave scratches or deform after extrusion.

2. Gold couple necklaces are precious jewellery. Be sure to keep your precious jewelry in a safe place and buy enough insurance to prevent any accidents.

3. Clean your gold couple necklaces regularly to ensure that the necklaces show the best gloss. You can buy professional Jewelry Ultrasonic Cleaners and then clean your gold rings regularly.

4. If the beloved gold lover's necklace has obvious scratches or severe deformation, I suggest friends send the necklace to a professional jewelry store for repair and re-polishing.

5. Don't wear gold necklaces when you are doing housework or strenuous exercise, as it may cause corrosion due to contact with bleach or chemicals. Also, avoid gold couple necklace deformation, pay attention to these small details, your gold lover necklace will glitter, your love will be sweet and eternal.