How to take care of pure gold jewelry?

Dec. 08, 2023

What is gold jewelry? According to national standards, that is to say, metal jewelry with more than 99% gold content is pure gold jewelry, and many friends have pure gold jewelry. As we all know, gold jewelry is usually low in hardness, easy to deform due to collision, and easy to be scratched. It takes some time to maintain them. Gold jewelry is generally made by Gold Melting Machine.

Gold bracelets have always been loved by people, mainly due to the influence of traditional culture. In addition, gold is a direct symbol of wealth, so until now, gold bracelets are still the first choice for many people to buy bracelets, but many people do not know the gold bracelet How should I choose, then what are the techniques for choosing a gold bracelet? Today Melting Furnaces Factory teaches you how to choose, lets you choose the gold bracelet that best suits your needs.

Gold Melting Machine

Gold Melting Machine

1. Simple style

Many people choose only beautiful styles and novelties when choosing gold bracelets. They don’t like to choose traditional simple ones. In fact, everyone ’s ideas are understandable. I always think that traditional styles are tacky, and simple styles are easy to be like others. But know that the texture of gold is very soft, and many fashionable styles are hollow. In daily wear, a slight negligence will cause the bracelet to deform or even break, which is not durable enough. 2. Pay attention to identification methods and details

Choose gold bracelets, one look at color and gloss, red yellow is the best product, a second look at density, about 19.32 grams / cubic centimeter is pure gold or more pure gold. Looking at the hardness three times, a high-quality nail scratch can leave a mark. Looking at the degree of folding, the higher the fineness of the gold, the softer the wrinkles will appear in the bending, and those with more impurities will be easily broken. In addition, we must pay attention to the details of the solder joints. With fewer solder joints, there will not be so many problems during the wearing process.

We also know what are the skills for selecting gold bracelets. Think about what kind of gold bracelet is more in line with your style. Choosing one that suits you must be a plus, but you must pay attention to maintenance every day, so that the luster of gold will be fuller, more beautiful and stylish to wear.

So, how should gold jewelry be carefully maintained?

Friends are advised not to wear other precious metal jewelry when wearing gold jewelry, because wearing a variety of jewelry is vulgar and vulgar, it may also, cause other metal jewelry during the event to scratch the gold jewelry, so avoid wearing gold jewelry and other metal jewelry at the same time.

Second, don't do heavy work or strenuous exercise when wearing gold jewelry, and don't pull gold jewelry at will. These conditions can cause damage to gold jewelry. In addition, contact between gold jewelry and cosmetics, detergents, seawater, acid rain, etc. Corrosion and damage to gold jewelry should be avoided.

Then, when cleaning your gold jewelry regularly, choose a scrub with a soft cloth. Toothbrushes and hard rags are not suitable for cleaning gold jewelry. Friends can buy Jewelry Ultrasonic Cleaners to clean your gold jewelry.

Finally, gold jewelry should be placed separately to avoid scratches and deformation of gold jewelry caused by collision with other metal jewelry.