How do you know how to make gold jewelry, do you know?

Dec. 08, 2023

  As a Gold Smelting Machine Supplier, there is some little knowledge to let everyone know that gold has been regarded as a symbol of wealth since ancient times. The love of gold has always been the case, and it has never changed. In daily marriage, it is even more important to be a figure of gold. You must have seen gold jewelry in your daily life, but do you know how to make gold jewelry, know how it changed from gold nuggets to jewelry?

  Sparkling gold jewelry, behind a complex process

  The 1 step: design drawings

  Before the gold jewelry is produced, the designer will first design the pattern. Generally, the sketch will be drawn on the paper, and the design artwork will be completed with a pencil and gouache. This process takes only a few days and a half months, and more than a few months before a model is finalized.

  The 2 steps: Manufacture the mold according to the drawings

  Manufacture of the mold, this is an important process that must be done fine, perfect, this step determines the shape of the product. If the mold is a chain structure, such as: (necklace, bracelet, anklet, etc.), the forging process is generally used. If the mold is a ring, a bracelet, a pendant, a gold bar, etc., it is necessary to make a wax tree for casting.

How do you know how to make gold jewelry, do you know?cid=3

Gold Melting Machine

  The 3 steps: dissolve gold

  This step is also very important, that is, the gold strip is first melted into a liquid with a Gold Melting Machine, so that the next step is formed.

  The 4 steps: the mold

  The wax mold is heated to (850-1200 degrees) by quartz crucible and the molten gold is subjected to mold-cutting and a single-piece ingredient such as a ring or a bracelet suitable for processing gold jewelry is presented. The yellow financial solution is poured into a plaster mold by a wave centrifugal casting machine to cast the casting, and the temperature is lowered at the first time.

  The 5 steps: the prototype

  After the high-temperature water gun, the single-piece ingredients suitable for processing gold jewelry are cleaned out, and the prototype of the jewelry is basically released.

  Step 6: Pruning

  Cut all the arm and all the bracelet arms and make separate work. Because of the arm, the bracelet arm is the most stressed and worn place to wear. It also requires a long period of manual forging to change the density of gold to make it stronger and more endurable.

  Step 7: Beating the setback

  Hammering first, then honing, making the gold jewelry more delicate and smooth. Then check the inside of the jewelry, sandpaper all the dead corners, and use the grinding needle, grinding wheel, disc grinding wheel and other tools to finely polish and further shape. There is a lot of gold that cannot be recycled during the forging and polishing process, which also increases the cost.

  Step 8: Polishing

  Then, Polishing Abrasives is used for polishing. The polishing is immersed in dilute hydrochloric acid, soaked in hydrochloric acid, and then coarsely polished by soaking in water. After being taken out, it is finely polished by hand. After repeated polishing, the car is flowered and the color is first dried before the car.

  The 9 steps: car flower

  Car flowers are an important process for making gold jewelry beautiful. Car flower production-related patterns, such as sandblasting, nail sanding, beading, hand drawing and other surface treatment, Lin Chao jewelry sandblasting process is very sophisticated, there are many kinds, such as diamond sand, glass sand, quartz sand, etc., diamond sand is also divided Coarse sand, medium sand, fine sand, etc., glass sand is also divided into No. 0 sand No. 10 sand. The nail sand is also divided into coarse nail sand and fine nail sand. The car flower can add a beautiful pattern to the jewelry, which makes the jewelry more layered and three-dimensional.