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Dec. 08, 2023

  The wax is melted by the Jewelry Wax Injector and injected into the mold by pressure. The wax-coated mold is placed for 2 to 3 minutes. After the wax mold is cooled, the wax mold is carefully taken out, and the temperature of the wax is adjusted according to the nature of the wax. The air pressure is adjusted according to the thickness of the wax type, generally controlled at 4 to 10 atmospheres, and the thick wax mold uses a higher pressure. When waxing, use two pieces of aluminum sheet or steel plate or plexiglass plate to hold the mold, and hold the footswitch with the hand-held wax nozzle. The wax injection starts. When the indicator light is off, the wax pattern is filled.

  Jewelry Wax Purpose: Make jewelry more beautiful and prevent oxidation.

Jewelry Vacuum Wax Injector

Jewelry Vacuum Wax Injector


  1. The wax injection is performed by melting the wax through a wax injection machine and then injecting it into the rubber mold by air pressure. The equipment currently used is a vacuum wax injection machine. The basic principle is that the gas in the film is discharged by vacuuming before the wax is injected, and the molten wax is injected into the mold by air pressure. The advantage of vacuum wax injection is that the filling property is better, and the thinner wax mold can also be injected, and the wax mold has fewer bubbles.

  2. When waxing, depending on the complexity of the wax pattern of the jewelry, different pressures and temperatures should be selected. When the design pattern of the jewelry wax mold is simple or large, the temperature and pressure of the liquid wax in the machine should be reduced. When the design pattern of the jewelry wax mold is delicate and complicated, the temperature and pressure of the liquid wax in the wax injection machine should be increased. Before waxing, the mold should be opened first to check the integrity and cleanliness of the mold.

  3. In order to make the jewelry wax mold well detached from the rubber mold, talcum powder is generally used as a lubricant, and baby talcum powder can also be used instead. During the operation, open the rubber mold as much as possible to make the talc powder pour into every corner of the rubber cutting surface. The best way to do this is to blow off the excess talc powder with pressurized air after the rubber mold has passed the talcum powder, and the talc powder can be injected for 3-4 pieces of glaze after each talcum powder is thrown by the rubber mold, and then the talc is reused. Powder is more appropriate. The talcum powder is not used too much to avoid the rough surface of the wax tray.

  4. When using the Jewelry Vacuum Wax Injector to make a jewelry wax model, in order to obtain a wax mold with a smooth surface and high precision, two aluminum plates with a thickness of about 2 mm should be attached to the upper and lower sides of the rubber mold during operation, and pressed evenly with fingers. The entire rubber mold is aligned with the wax nozzle of the wax injection machine. Since the rubber mold has elasticity, the shape of the wax pattern is distorted according to the pressure of the hand. To prevent this phenomenon, the pressure of the hand should be kept at a certain size.

  All of the above are about traditional wax injection machines. Now the advantages of automatic wax injection machines are reflected in those aspects.

  However, what is the advantages of the automatic wax injection machine? Below, Xiaobian everyone to understand.

  First, the automatic wax injection machine insulation wax barrel, production technician position and pneumatic system are designed to be one, the compact structure occupies a small space, and the shape is beautiful;

  Second, the pneumatic system uses PLC program control in human-machine dialogue, reducing contacts, high linearity, and simple use;

  Third, the pneumatic valve group adopts modularization, reduces the contact eliminates the risk of air leakage and is convenient for maintenance;

  Fourth, the temperature control system uses separate manipulation, flexible the operation, and is conducive to adjustment;

  5. All process processes are carried out automatically, without manual debugging. Modulating, waxing, holding, die-drawing, and core-pulling can only be achieved. Manually only need to take the wax mold after the mold is released;

  Sixth, according to the process temperature, waxing time, holding time, spraying time, number of spraying, waxing pressure, etc., can be arbitrarily set.

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