How to do gold jewelry black a small way to get it.

Nov. 01, 2019

  What if gold jewelry is black? There are two things in the kitchen that can help you with it.

  As a Gold Smelting Machine Supplier, there is some little knowledge to let everyone know that gold has been regarded as a symbol of wealth since ancient times. The love of gold has always been the case, and it has never changed. In daily marriage, it is even more important to be a figure of gold. Many female friends have a lot of jewelry, but jewelry is inevitable for a long time, there will be dust and even blackening, including gold jewelry.

  Gold jewelry wears long hair black in addition to not being well maintained, peacetime environment, the personal physique is also related, but in case of gold black, don't panic, the kitchen is a small thing that can help you deal with it.

  This good thing is what every household has: salt and vinegar.

  After mixing the ratio of vinegar to salt 1:1, add warm water. The ratio of the mixture to warm water is 2:10. After stirring the liquid, put the jewelry on it and brush it with a toothbrush. These two things are good things for cleaning gold jewelry!

Jewelry Wax Injection Machine

Jewelry Wax Injection Machine

  By mixing salt and vinegar, you can quickly clean the gold jewelry. After the care, you should also store the gold jewelry well. If you don’t wear it, you should keep it safe, so as not to leave it, and the gold jewelry will be collected. It is free from contact with dust and air and is good for gold care.

  Usually, after the jewelry is worn, it is best to scrub. For example, the dirt on the skin will adhere to the jewelry in the summer, and the jewelry will be blackened, so prepare a few cleaning cloths to clean the dirt in time.

  After paying attention to how to clean the jewelry, let me talk about some information about the gold jewelry wax. What are the advantages of the Jewelry Wax Injection Machine on the jewelry wax injection machine? Below, everyone to understand.

  First, the Jewelry Wax Injection Machine insulation wax barrel, production technician position, and air pressure system are designed to be one, the compact structure occupies a small space, and the shape is beautiful;

  Second, the pneumatic system uses PLC program control in human-machine dialogue, reducing contacts, high linearity, and simple use;

  Third, the pneumatic valve group adopts modularization, reduces the contact eliminates the risk of air leakage and is convenient for maintenance;

  Fourth, the temperature control system uses separate manipulation, flexible the operation, and is conducive to adjustment;

  5. All process processes are carried out automatically, without manual debugging. Modulating, waxing, holding, die-drawing, and core-pulling can only be achieved. Manually only need to take the wax mold after the mold is released;

  Sixth, according to the process temperature, waxing time, holding time, spraying time, number of spraying, waxing pressure, etc., can be arbitrarily set.

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