How do you distinguish the gold jewelry you like?

Dec. 08, 2023

As a Gold Smelting Machine Supplier, there are some tips to keep you informed.

Among the gold jewelry, the pure gold jewelry has a soft texture, the teeth are bitten and printed, and it is easy to bend. The color is golden, pure and soft, and the hand feels heavy and has a heavy feeling. The texture of K gold jewelry is slightly hard, the teeth are bitten and unprinted, the color is yellow with white, and the number of white decreases, the white color increases, and the yellow color becomes lighter. K gold jewelry is not as heavy as pure gold jewelry. In addition, both pure gold and K gold jewelry are marked with a seal.

The seal on the gold jewelry is useful for "golden characters" and also with the "Kg" English letters for texture. When the gold content is indicated, the words "99" or "24K" are indicated as pure gold jewelry. The gold jewelry of K gold is different according to the gold content, and the corresponding K number is marked. For example, the gold jewelry with "18K" is gold, the gold content is 75. %. In addition, there are signs of the jewellery that mark the origin of different manufacturers. True gold jewelry, standard, complete and clear, is an important identification mark. There are many types of jewelry that are easily confused with gold jewelry, some are gold-plated jewelry, some are gold-plated jewelry, some are copper jewelry, and some are copper alloy jewelry. Gold has been regarded as a symbol of wealth since ancient times. The Chinese people’s love for gold has always been the same, and it has never changed. In daily marriage, the figure for gold is indispensable. You must have seen gold jewelry in your daily life, but do you know the process of making gold jewelry? This step is also very important. It is necessary to melt the gold bars into a liquid with Gold Melting Machine, so that the next step is to increase the cost.

Gold Melting Machine

Gold Melting Machine

How to maintain gold jewelry?

I have to say that behind every piece of gold jewelry is a complicated process! So be sure to be gentle with the gold jewelry you wear, and finally come and watch the maintenance of gold jewelry with me! Gold can't be soft, just when wearing gold jewelry. We want to reduce their contact with hard objects, and take light and light to avoid pulling hard, because gold jewelry is low in hardness and is in a hard confrontation with other hard objects. It is difficult to achieve “with a soft gram”, and it will also cause scratches on the surface decoration of the jewelry. Keep away from cosmetics and minimize the contact between gold jewelry and cosmetics. In life, we should avoid our jewelry to be in contact with perfume, toilet water, and various cosmetics. Because of the contact with these cosmetics, the surface of the jewelry will be spotted or discolored due to corrosion.

Although cosmetics can maintain our skin, we can't maintain our jewelry, so everyone should pay special attention when wearing it.

Chemicals are the most dangerous. In addition to cosmetics, there is also a class of chemical substances that are the enemy of gold jewelry. For example, chemicals such as mercury, chlorine, lead, etc., sometimes when we are swimming, it is best to remove our gold jewelry. And keep it safe to avoid losing

Don't wear gold jewelry to enter the pool, because most of the pools are chlorinated, and the chlorine reacts with gold jewelry to make it dim. It is necessary to pay attention to perm hair dyeing. When dyeing hair and perming, we also need to take off the gold jewelry. Because the medicine such as hair dye contains a lot of chemical ingredients that damage the gold decoration, the surface of the gold decoration becomes brown or black and white. Our company also has Jewelry 3d Printer on sale, welcome to come to consult.