How is the prospect of Jewelry 3D Printer in the gold and silver jewelry processing industry?

Dec. 08, 2023

3D printing is very popular, with 3D Wax Printer For Jewelry, not to mention 3D printed products (of course, requires post-processing). Does this affect the jewelry industry? Is 3D printing of metal jewelry, bracelets, rings and other necklaces feasible?

This is a problem, but it doesn't print natural gemstones, it's not a whole piece, it's made of raw materials, so it won't be of high value. High-end gems still follow the previous rules and seem to have no effect on them, especially in terms of sales. However, 3D printing is a new technology that will be popular for some time but will eventually be replaced by new technology. High-end natural handmade gems are also kings, always mainstream, always popular! At present, higher technology should be 3D printing technology based on precious metals. The application of 3D printing technology in the jewelry industry has been widely used in production before this concept is known to the world.

DLP 3D Printer For Jewelry

DLP 3D Printer For Jewelry

3D metal printer

Therefore, I think the Jewelry 3D Printer for gold, silver, jewelry and jewelry is definitely a future trend. Traditionally machined parts will be replaced by 3D printing, and parts that must be hand-made will be difficult to replace. Therefore, 3D printing of gold, silver, jewelry and precious stones (including rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc.) has broad prospects in the metal processing industry.

When we used the 3D printer to print the model, there were two problems that made us feel a headache. The first problem is that the platform is not flat or the shaft is slightly curved, which makes it difficult to bond the material to the floor. The first layer could not be printed all the time, or after printing a few layers, we found edge warping. The second problem is that if the gap between the two objects is very small, there will be a large amount of wire at the joint between the two objects, which is difficult to see and needs to be processed with a knife. I found two good ways to solve this problem, which are now shared by 3D printing enthusiasts.

3D printing problem 1: Solving the problem of drawing between objects

There are two ways to solve this problem: shorten the distance between the first feed tubes; if the feeder is at the edge, move it to the middle. Then, a plastic pipe with an inner diameter of 3.3 mm was found on the market. Generally, hydraulic equipment was sold and sold, and then processed in the shortest possible time. The second is to set the temperature of the nozzle higher because if the temperature of the nozzle is too low, it will affect the production speed of silk.

DLP 3D Printer For Jewelry Question 2: Prevent curling or stickiness

The first is to buy something called 190 varnishes on the market. I bought it for 9 yuan, and it was painted. Buy a clear glass and don't spray it on the platform.

The second method is to purchase a piece of frosted glass directly, preferably 3 mm thick. If 2mm and 5mm explode due to uneven heat, use a clamp to secure it to the platform, preferably the same size as the platform.