Do you know how to Wear Bracelets?

May. 25, 2020

As a Melting Furnaces Factory, share with you. In jewelry, wrist ornaments such as bracelets and bracelets are an important category, and can be said to be the most unrestricted category in jewelry: they are not limited by weight and size. Bangle Bracelets can be very exaggerated and generous, they can also be very delicate, very soft, and very skillful to wear wrist ornaments.

If the wedding ring witnesses the promise and vow between lovers, then the jade bracelet represents the blessing and continuation of the family bond. In Chinese folks, there has always been such a custom that the elders pass their beloved jade bracelets to their daughters and daughters-in-law. In ancient times, men and women wore bracelets. Women are symbols of marriage, while men and women are symbols of status or the nature of work. Nowadays, bracelets are no longer endowed with heavy love vows or family heritage, but are more often used as simple decorative expressions. Women's slender arms naturally have a beautiful attractive bracelet.

DLP 3D Printer for Jewelry

DLP 3D Printer for Jewelry

In principle, it is suitable for women with slender arms, long-sleeved clothes and eyes. For women with plump arms and wrists, the bracelet will not produce a decorative beauty. If you want to wear them, you should also choose a bracelet with a slightly smaller surface, while older women can choose a bracelet with a slightly wider surface.

When wearing bracelets, there is no strict limit on the number of bracelets. You can wear one, two, three, or more bracelets. If only one piece is worn, it should be worn on the left hand instead of the right hand. If you wear two, you can wear one on each of your left and right hands, or both. If you wear three pieces, you should wear them on your left hand instead of one piece in one hand and two pieces on the other hand. It is relatively rare to wear more than three bracelets. Even if you need to wear them, you should wear them on your left hand to create a strong sense of imbalance and better show the beauty of the arm lines.

If the bracelet and ring are worn together, it is necessary to pay attention to the coordination and unity of the two. It is best to choose styles with similar colors and styles in order to produce a visually comfortable extension.

When wearing a bracelet, it should be unified with the style of clothing, especially in terms of color and style.

For those who wear bracelets for the first time, they should also pay attention to the size of the inner diameter of the bracelet. If it is too small, it will cause uncomfortable feeling, and even affect blood circulation due to close contact with the skin of the wrist. If it is too large, it can easily fall off and break during the swing. For jade bracelets, try wearing soft things under your wrists to prevent them from falling to the ground and breaking.

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