What should I Pay Attention to When Using Platinum Jewelry?

Jun. 02, 2020

As a Melting Furnaces Factory, share with you. Platinum is the king of precious metals. Rare, natural, clean, white, suitable for various shapes. If you have purchased or plan to buy platinum jewelry, you may wish to understand some of the unique characteristics of platinum. 

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Jewelry Wax Injector

(1) Do not always touch with your hands. Try to avoid touching cosmetics

When wearing a platinum diamond ring with a high palladium content (less than 75% platinum) and low platinum jewelry, it is best not to touch it frequently because there are many sweat stains on the hands, which will affect the brightness of the diamond for a long time. Do not directly contact acids, bleach, cosmetics and harsh chemicals. After contact, rinse immediately with water to prevent discoloration.

(2) Do not wear platinum diamond rings and gold rings on adjacent fingers

Do not wear platinum and gold rings on adjacent fingers because gold is relatively soft. When platinum and gold rub against each other, the gold powder will adhere to the platinum surface, making the platinum ring part yellow and difficult to remove.

(3) Prevent deformation of platinum jewelry

Although platinum is a metal, it is relatively soft and deforms under strong external forces. Therefore, when cleaning housework, gardening and other manual labor, remove the platinum jewelry and store the platinum jewelry in a jewelry box or soft leather pocket.

(4) Regularly clean platinum jewelry

The method of cleaning platinum jewelry is the same as other precious jewelry. Use jewelry cleaners available on the market, or soak platinum jewelry in soap and warm water, wash with water after 5 minutes, and finally absorb water with a soft cloth, and wash it once a month. This can ensure that the jewelry shows the best gloss and is more durable.

Platinum jewelry inlaid with gemstones should be professionally cleaned every six months. When the platinum diamond ring is not shiny, you can use a simple toothpaste cleaning method to restore the gloss. Squeeze the toothpaste onto the towel, rub it back and forth on the platinum jewelry, wipe off the fine lines and dirt on the surface, wash with diluted detergent, and then rinse with water to restore the color.

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