Do you know the Principle of Necklace Matching?

Dec. 08, 2023

As a Melting Furnaces Factory, share with you. Necklaces are the earliest jewelry. As early as the primitive society, people began to wear animal tooth necklaces to decorate their necks. Today, people's love for beauty has not weakened. Necklaces of various styles became popular and became musical notes for women jumping around the neck.

I am afraid that the type of necklace is the most among all ornaments. We will divide the necklace into the following categories according to its different textures.

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Gold and silver necklace

Gold and silver necklaces are the most commonly used necklace-type for women. Of course, due to fashion trends, few women wear pure gold necklaces. They wear more gold and silver necklaces, whether they are platinum necklaces or sterling silver necklaces, which are relatively fashionable necklaces. They are also suitable for a wide range of age groups, whether it is a middle-aged mother or a stylish white-collar worker, you can choose a gold and silver necklace that suits you.

Wear this necklace to match your age and body shape. Under normal circumstances, women with slender necks are suitable for choosing short necklaces, which can show women's beauty. Women with shorter necks should choose a long necklace with a "V" shape to make the neck curve thinner.

Most young women are suitable for wearing necklaces made of gold, silver, leather and thin edges. As for mature women, they can wear relatively bulky necklaces such as gold, silver, pearls and precious stones.

Of course, wearing a necklace should also correspond to clothing. To give a simple example, when you wear soft and elegant silk clothing, you should wear delicate necklaces, which makes this game more charming. When wearing monochrome or plain clothes, it is recommended to wear brightly colored, dynamic and fashionable leather necklaces to make the clothes more vivid.

In addition, the type of necklace should match the collar. Choosing too long necklaces for high-necked clothes is not appropriate. Wear three lapels, and finally, when you wear a turtleneck sweater, you should choose a longer necklace and wear it outside the suit.

Finally, if you choose a necklace, you can also consider the matching effect of different materials, which is better. For example, a silk skirt with a silk bead chain can form a unified style for necklaces and clothes to achieve better results. If there is a tassel design on the clothes, then a necklace with the same style can also form a uniform style.

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