Do you Know How to Wear a Brooch?

Dec. 08, 2023

As a Melting Furnaces Factory, share with you. There is a pin ornament in the jewelry. Brooch accessories include brooches and collar pins. Brooches are the most important brooch accessories. The editor analyzes the technique of wearing a brooch.

Brooches, as the name suggests, are ornaments worn on the chest, including pins, pins, brooches, etc. As early as the Paleolithic era, the ancients used sharp animal bones or fish bones to fix the animal skin or coarse cloth covering the body. These fixed things are the earliest form of brooch.

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Codes of early Western Christianity often stipulated that prominent monks and missionaries must wear gem-embedded symbols on their chests. At this time, the brooch may appear as a religious symbol and amulet.

The history of female brooches in my country is also very long. The craze for brooches and cheongsams is on the rise. Like other decorations, brooches carry countless emotional stories, which can be seen and passed on in the decorations of court nobles of the past dynasties.

Because brooches do not have the same design restrictions as necklaces, rings and other accessories, the design of brooches can accommodate designers' unfettered ideas. Therefore, the inlay, pure metal texture and the overall shape of the brooch can bring out the charming and decent status of the female body. Contemporary female jewelry designs come in various shapes and sizes. They can be placed on the chest, shoulders, hat, hair, etc.

The principle of wearing brooches should be coordinated with the clothing in terms of season, texture, color, position and so on.

Generally speaking, when you wear a suit, you can choose some big brooches. The materials are better and the colors are more pure. If your clothes are simple in color, you can wear a brooch with floral decoration. When wearing a shirt or thin cardigan, you can wear fashionable and unique, small size brooches.

In jewelry, brooches are directly matched with clothes, and great attention is paid to the harmony between the two.

If you wear a half-high turtleneck casual clothes and a simpler shape brooch, you will be full of youth and romance. If you like shorts and shorts, simple brooches in the shape of leaves will be more interesting and cute in the romance of modern girls.

If you are mature and wear high-end fabrics, you should not wear brooches made of plastic, glass and ceramics. Because this brooch does not go well with elegant and gorgeous clothing, it will only give people a sense of insufficient taste, but try to match it with real jewelry made of real gold, real silver and natural stones.

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