How to Maintain Jewelry Wax Injector?

Dec. 08, 2023

How to maintain Jewelry Wax Injector? When we were using the equipment, did you ever think about how to maintain it? Maintenance is one of the effective ways to extend the service life of the equipment. It also plays an important role in stabilizing the performance of the equipment. Many people do not pay attention when using it, causing various small problems. The problem has accumulated more and it has not been solved. Finally, there are big problems. It is even more difficult to repair and finally has to be scrapped in advance. Then take a look at the Jewelry Wax Injection Machine maintenance method with Jewelry Making Tools Supplier.

First, timely remove the wax injection machine from the cooling water, be sure to gently carry out, use compressed air to blow off the wax and water beads of the wax injection machine, check if there is any residue, be sure to clean it, then pass the qualified The wax film is placed correctly in the storage tray.

Jewelry Wax Injector

Jewelry Wax Injector

Second, when the mold is finished on duty, you need to clean the mold, what to clean up? A soft cloth can be used. If the mold is found to be damaged, it should be reported to the person in charge in time and processed in time.

Third, the on-site work environment needs to be clean and hygienic, clean and tidy, and create a good production environment.

Fourth, clean the wax residue off the Jewelry Wax Injection Machine mold. For the mold parting surface, the wax on the core and the release agent, only the compressed air can be used to blow. The metal tool can not be used to scrape, so as not to damage important parts.