Processing Steps for Gold Bracelets

Aug. 29, 2019

Since ancient times, gold has been regarded as a symbol of wealth. Chinese culture is even more attractive to the dragon and phoenix gold jewelry. You just don't know how this gold jewelry is made, from gold nuggets to jewelry. Today Gold Smelting Machine Supplier explains the processing of gold bracelets.

Noble gold jewelry has been refined through a number of complicated processes.

The first step is to conceptualize the drawings. The jewelry designer will conceive some style design drawings in light of the market demand. The process will be as short as several days, many months, and then several satisfactory designs will be selected in many design drawings. 

The second step is to open the material. If it is a gold bracelet, it needs to be melted with a Gold Melting Machine. The gold strip is melted into a liquid, then poured into a grinding tool to form a thickness, and the thickness and width are adjusted by a tablet press.

Gold Melting Machine

Gold Melting Machine

The third step, molding, bracelet styles, there are curling, circles, etc., the production process is not the same. It can be directly die-cast and die-casted by gravity, using the shape of the grinding tool. This process is faster, but the style is more traditional, different styles require different molds. Now with the CNC smart bracelet device, you can draw pictures directly on the computer and import the device computer in CAD format. The device can automatically convert the G code for accurate batching. This process can change styles at any time, saving time and improving efficiency. The main function is still convenient.

The fourth step is to beat the martial arts, hammer the jewels, and then honing them to make the gold jewelry more delicate and smooth. Sanding all the dead corners and grinding them with tools such as grinding needles, grinding wheels and disc grinding wheels for further shaping.

The fifth step, polishing, soaking with dilute hydrochloric acid, after taking out, fine polishing by hand, repeated polishing to carry out the car flower so that the fine jewelry has a smooth feel and silky texture.

The sixth step, drying, the finished product is placed in a steam engine for high-temperature treatment and dried after high-temperature treatment.

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