What are the precautions for buying Gold Jewelry?

Dec. 08, 2023

The inflated development of the gold market, the interests of unscrupulous merchants, and the diversity of gold product styles. For young consumers, buying gold jewelry does require professional gold knowledge to support it. At least you need to understand the precautions for buying gold jewelry. Things to note when buying gold:

When buying gold jewelry, you must buy it from a quality-assured shopping mall or Gold Smelting Machine Supplier. In addition, the following points need to be noted: 1. You must have a formal tax invoice indicating: jewelry name, condition, weight, so Enquire later.

Make purchases according to each person's age, temperament, body shape and purchase motivation. At present, most of the jewelry sold in stores are jewelry from Shenzhen and Guangzhou, which are characterized by novel styles and beautiful appearance, but the purity is not necessarily high; there are also jewelry produced in Zhejiang, which are more traditional in style but relatively high in gold content.

Carefully check the jewelry for burrs, whether the chain is straight, whether the buckle, joints, ear clips, etc. are safe. In order to make the buckle of the bracelet, the joint of the earrings, the ears and other parts stronger, the color of these parts should be lower.

Jewelry Wax Injector

Jewelry Wax Injector

Jewelry sometimes turns white when worn. This is because jewelry comes into contact with cosmetics, shampoo, dishwashing liquid, or mousse, and chemical reactions occur. Therefore, contact with cosmetics should be less during wearing. Once it occurs, The invoice can ask the store to resolve. When storing jewelry normally, it is best to use a soft cloth to pack each jewelry separately to avoid mutual friction and loss. We have Jewelry Wax Injector on sale.

When buying a piece of jewelry, you must first test it through the senses. This can be divided into color, solid gold is dark yellow, K gold has yellow, red, white and other colors, and most imitation gold products are copper alloy, color Shallower. Weight: The specific gravity of gold is 19.3g / cm3, which is much higher than that of imitation gold products. For example, a solid gold ring is about 5 grams, and the imitation gold products of the same size generally weigh less than 3 grams. Pure gold is soft, easy to bend, and easy to be scratched by hard objects. When buying jewelry, you must also carefully check whether the inlays and welding are firm and whether there are cracks, burrs, trachoma, etc. If you need to know the content of precious metal jewelry accurately or there is a quality dispute, you should go to the jewelry quality inspection agency and use physical or chemical analysis to identify it.

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