What style of gold bracelet looks good?

Dec. 08, 2023

As everyone knows, the gold bracelet is a decoration on the wrist. Wearing a gold bracelet may or may make women more beautiful. With the development of fashion, the style of the bracelet is more and more. The Jewelry Making Tools Supplier will tell you what style of gold bracelet good looking.

Gold Transfer Bead Bracelet

The gold transfer bead bracelet is made of gold material to form an oval bead slightly larger than the soybean. There are also engraved beads on the bottom. Wearing the gold transfer bead bracelet has an unusually good intention. For example one represents good luck in life, three One represents a hundred mouthfuls of happiness, and five represent upwards. The gold transfer beads combined with jade beads are called rich rivals.

Gold Format Chain

The golden format chain is a fresh format, and its appearance and shape change quickly, and it is very popular with young people. Some of these necklaces are composed of square wire chains or whip chain clips; they are also effective and rough, and they are made of more decorative flowers, and they are combined with jewelry to make them more beautiful.

Gold whip chain

The gold whip chain is mainly manufactured by hand and adopts 24K gold. The whip chain is thinner and stronger, which is more appropriate for older people.

The above is our introduction to what styles of gold bracelets are good-looking. Gold bracelets are one of the traditional gold ornaments and are very popular with consumers. However, you should also pay attention to cleanliness after purchase to prevent the bracelet from breaking, deforming or changing color. No matter what style it is, or whether it is valuable or cheap, we need to understand its relevant knowledge and use our fire eyes to travel around the market.

Cleaning and maintenance of gold jewelry

1. Cleaning of gold jewelry

Black or white jewelry

Human sweat and some daily articles contain trace chemical elements, such as mercury and lead, which react with gold or silver and copper, and the substances produced are attached to the surface of the jewelry, making the jewelry black or white. Do not use a knife to scrape or rub the sandpaper to avoid damaging the jewelry. Bake the jewelry on fire and wipe it with a soft cloth to restore gloss.

Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner Jewelry

Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner Jewelry

Dust discoloration on jewelry

Long-term wear jewelry will be tarnished with dust, you can immerse the jewelry in mild soapy water, rinse it and then dry it gently with a clean soft cloth. Can also be cleaned with Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner Jewelry.

2. Maintenance of gold jewelry

Individually placed jewelry boxes

Avoid scratch damage. Multiple pieces of gold jewelry stored together will scratch each other and damage the surface of the jewelry. It can be stored separately or wrapped separately with flannel.

Remove jewelry while doing housework

Principles of Irritating Chemicals. Gold jewelry contains other metals, such as silver and copper. Contact with bleaching or irritating chemicals, such as detergents, bleach, perfume, etc., can cause jewelry to change color. Our company also has Diamond Loupe on sale, welcome to consult.