15L Steam Cleaner with 2 Nozzles:

Model No.: HJ-89


This machine is strong decontamination using high pressure steam degreasing properties, high pressure column injection, for cleaning surface dirt, workpieces/objects will be bright after washing. The machine uses all-stainless steel and it will be never rusty. Multiple advanced overheating protection, some key components are imported with high quality standard. With features of durable, reducing failures, safe production.


Power: 5KW,

Voltage: 220V,

External dimensions: 570 * 300 * 690(mm),

Weight: 48kg,

Packing weight: approx. 62kg.


1. The safety valve: a protective role in uncontrolled hypertension.

2. The inlet: Please note that when adding water, please check if there is pressure, it should be recommended to add water without pressure.

3. Regulating valves: To adjust regulating nozzle pressure.

4. Air pressure gauge: To check pressure volume.

5. Heating light: When heating, lights on.

6. Power Switch: On/Off (Note: Please turn off the switch after work).

7. Foot pedal system: control nozzle work.

8. Foot switch function: Turn the power switch then control foot pedal, it’s for safety operation.

9. The spray nozzle: spray high-pressure steam.

11. Observing water valve 1: please add water when the valve is opened, close the valve when working.

12. Observing water valve 2: please add water when the valve is opened, close the valve when working.

13. To watch the water level quartz tube: easy for viewing water volume (Note: the water level should not be less than the tube position of 1/3, not more than 1/3.

14. Water outlet valve: cylinder should be a regular cleaning monthly, can only operate this step without pressure.