6L Steam Cleaner - Stainless Steel Material:

Model No. HJ-88B


This machine is strong decontamination using high pressure steam degreasing properties, high pressure column injection, for cleaning surface dirt, workpieces/objects will be bright after washing. The machine uses all-stainless steel and it will be never rusty. Multiple advanced overheating protection, some key components are imported with high quality standard. With features of durable, reducing failures, safe production. Using 304 Stainless Steel Material which will be much more durable than iron material.


Power: 2.5KW

Voltage: 220V

Pressure: 7 Bar

External dimensions: 50 * 45 * 45 (cm)

Weight: 20kg


1. The safety valve: a protective role in uncontrolled hypertension.

2. The inlet: Please note that when adding water, please check if there is pressure, it should be recommended to add water without pressure.

3. Regulating valves: To adjust regulating nozzle pressure.

4. Air pressure gauge: To check pressure volume.

5. Heating light: When heating, lights on.

6. Power Switch: On/Off (Note: Please turn off the switch after work).

7. Foot pedal system: control nozzle work.

8. Foot switch function: Turn the power switch then control foot pedal, it’s for safety operation.

9. The spray nozzle: spray high-pressure steam.

11. Observing water valve 1: please add water when the valve is opened, close the valve when working.

12. Observing water valve 2: please add water when the valve is opened, close the valve when working.

13. To watch the water level quartz tube: easy for viewing water volume (Note: the water level should not be less than the tube position of 1/3, not more than 1/3.

14. Water outlet valve: cylinder should be a regular cleaning monthly, can only operate this step without pressure.